Combining real and virtual worlds to accomplish what you want

By Katy Caroan: 

When looking back at my most successful clients over the last year, the clients who  made significant leaps in their careers  or started their own business, I realize that they had a few factors in common. One of the key factors was their ability to mobilize their real life and virtual networks. When sharing their dreams and plans with others and asking for help, the most unexpected opportunities appeared.

When using social media, such as LinkedIn, to demonstrate what what you are passionate about, which areas you are interested in and which expertise you have, you will attract potential employers or business partners based upon the key forward looking factors. I’ve seen it over and over again, connections in your 1st and 2nd tiers are stepping up to share information and help when asked. There couldn’t be any better match makers available, the people who know you, like you and trust you will provide access to connections of theirs.

There is tremendous potential for job seekers, new business owners and recruiting employers to benefit from bringing more virtual contacts into real life contacts. After all, in only takes some initial investment in establishing and maintaining an effective profile. Why not brush up your own profile and start engaging through groups to see what happens…

Katy Caroan

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